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The Importance of Building Management Services !

These services aim to maintain and improve the operational efficiency of the building while ensuring the comfort and safety of its users.

Here are some of the important services for building management:

  • Maintenance and repairs: Managing buildings and commercial properties involves monitoring and maintaining the technical systems and equipment in the building, such as air conditioning systems, lighting, electrical systems, security systems, elevators, etc.

  • The goal is to ensure their proper functioning and prevent any malfunctions or interruptions.

This may include scheduling and supervising preventive maintenance work, troubleshooting technical issues, managing service providers, and overseeing repair and renovation work.

  • Energy management: Building management services often focus on the energy efficiency of the building to reduce energy consumption and associated costs.

  • These may involve monitoring energy consumption, identifying and implementing energy-saving solutions, and optimizing lighting and HVAC systems.

It's important to periodically assess the energy efficiency of the building through energy audits and make any necessary improvements.

  • Facility and utility management: This component refers to the overall management of the building's facilities, including planning and scheduling maintenance work, coordinating service providers (cleaning, security, gardening, etc.), managing common areas, and property management-related activities.

Ensure that the provision and management of utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) are done efficiently and economically.

Monitor utility consumption and look for ways to reduce costs and optimize their usage.

Ensure that common facilities such as lobbies, conference rooms, kitchens, and restrooms are well-maintained and clean.

Efficient management of common spaces may involve scheduling and monitoring reservations, maintaining furniture and equipment, and providing appropriate cleaning services.

  • Security services: Building management may also include security aspects such as monitoring and managing alarm systems, controlled access to the building, video surveillance, implementing emergency evacuation procedures, and other safety measures.

Implement appropriate measures and procedures to ensure the security of the building and its occupants.

  • Document and data management: Another important aspect of building management is the management of relevant documents and data related to the building and property.

  • This may include maintaining a register of all documents, technical plans, maintenance contracts, and other important information.

Efficient management of a building or commercial space plays a crucial role in optimizing performance, safety, and functionality of the buildings and infrastructure.

It contributes to overall productivity and well-being of the occupants while ensuring cost-effective and sustainable operations.

Building management or facility management services represent the interface between a building and the services it benefits from, with the aim of facilitating their realization in order to minimize maintenance costs for the space or building.

Integrated services of professional technical maintenance offered by MIVA ELCO SRL provide a complete package for optimizing costs and improving the functionality of buildings, commercial and industrial spaces in Romania.

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