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Fire Extinguishing System

Execution of fire protection installations.

The execution of fire protection installations is an important process in ensuring fire safety in a building. These installations include fire detection systems, fire extinguishing systems and people evacuation systems.

The installation and maintenance works of fire limitation and extinguishing installations can only be performed by a C.N.S.I.P.C. authorized company. – I.S.U.

For the installation of fire protection installations, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate approvals and permits from the competent authorities:

a. Building permit.

b. Approval from ISU.

c. Regulatory approvals:

-Depending on the location and type of building, there may be other regulatory authorities involved in issuing approvals and permits. These may include the city planning department, the health department, and other entities responsible for enforcing building and safety codes.

d. Equipment installation and connection permits.

It is important to check the specific requirements and regulations in the area where you plan to install fire protection installations, as they may vary. Contact your local authorities responsible for issuing approvals and permits to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on your specific requirements and procedures.

The reception of the fire extinguishing installation is done by the commission established in accordance with the legislation in force.


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