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Low current electrical installations: Detection
fire, CCTV, Access control, Sound system, Voice, Data, etc.

Low-current electrical engineering involves the design, installation, and configuration of electrical systems that are used to transmit and manage low-current signals such as data, audio, video, access control, and other communications signals.

You need specialists with experience in quality design and commissioning when you need low-current electrical installation work, for fire detection, CCTV, access control and anti-burglary systems.

In order to guarantee the desired service quality and faultless operation for low current installations, we are the team that can take care of everything needed to guarantee a quality project.

We have ANRE certification to be able to perform any works related to electrical installations, low or medium voltage.

Certainly, the execution of low-voltage electrical works requires the use of materials and equipment that provide the exact flow of electricity, most suitable for the operation of certain types of installations.

As low-current electrical installations are those installations that are traversed by currents of lower intensity than the standard ones, calling on specialists can help you achieve the desired efficiency and quality.

instalatii cctv

Whatever the type of project, whether it's installing a new security system, a fire alarm or detection system, CCTV or an access system for a parking lot or an entire building, our services include:

Design of low current electrical installations:

Our specialist team designs low current electrical installation systems including but not limited to security systems, fire alarm or detection systems, closed circuit television (CCTV), and parking or building access systems .

We ensure that the design is adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each project.

Choosing the most suitable product variant for commissioning:

We have extensive experience in the selection and evaluation of the products required for the implementation of low current electrical installations.

We consider criteria such as quality, energy efficiency and compatibility with the existing system to offer the best solutions according to the specific project.

instalatii sonorizare

Execution of the work itself:

Our team of experienced technicians and electricians deals with the physical implementation of low current electrical installations. We ensure that work is carried out with attention to detail and in accordance with the latest standards and regulations in force.

Commissioning of the electrical installation:

After the completion of the work, we carry out the necessary tests and put the electrical installation into operation. We make sure that everything is working properly and that the system is ready to be used according to the purpose for which it was intended designed.

Maintenance or restoration of outdated low-current electrical installations:


We offer maintenance services for existing electrical installations or we can restore outdated low current electrical installations.

We ensure that facilities are in optimal working order and comply with the latest safety standards.

Low current installation works can be used for:

● Access and time control systems;
● Automatic anti-burglary systems;
● Perimeter detection systems;
● Fire detection and signaling systems;
● Video monitoring of a space or a building;
● Sound systems;
● Security systems, TV and CCTV, telephone, voice data, etc.

Whatever the project you ask us for, we will look for the best solutions for the execution of low current installations, in order to obtain the flawless operation of the installations for a great lifetime.


Str. George Bacovia, No. 35A, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania.




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