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Our plumbing execution and installation services include:

Design and redesign of plumbing systems.
Our team of specialists develops customized solutions for plumbing systems.

We ensure that our projects are adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each space or project.

Analysis and planning for projects.
We offer careful analysis and planning services for plumbing projects. This includes evaluating available space, determining hot and cold water needs, and identifying the best technical and practical solutions for the project.

Execution and restoration of sanitary installations.
Our team of experts handles the physical execution of the plumbing. From installing the necessary pipes and equipment, to connecting hot and cold water systems, we are prepared to implement every aspect of plumbing with precision and care.

Checking and maintenance of hot and cold water installations.
We carry out regular checks and maintenance of hot and cold water installations to ensure that they are operating at optimum parameters.

Our team of specialists can quickly identify and solve any malfunctions or problems that may arise over time.

Installation of hydrant networks and connections to the water network (with authorization).

We offer installation services of hydrant networks and connections to the water network, in accordance with specific standards and regulations.

We are licensed and experienced in managing these projects, thus ensuring the safety and functionality of water systems.

Execution of sanitary installations

Plumbing is the process of installing water and sewer systems in a building.

These installations are essential to ensure the supply of drinking water and the disposal of waste water in an efficient and hygienic way.

Our company offers specialized services for the execution of sanitary installations, for new constructions and spaces that require renovation.

Our training and experience recommend us as a reliable partner for the design, commissioning, maintenance and replacement of any type of plumbing for hot or cold water, indoor or outdoor, from various materials, copper, zinc, PPR, pexal, polyethylene.

Our team is made up of personnel with qualification and training for sanitary installation execution operations, for individual homes, residential complexes, houses, villas, shopping centers, industrial and logistics spaces.

We put a lot of emphasis on identifying the best design and material solutions, which ensure operational efficiency and the longest possible duration of the entire system.

instalatii sanitare

Identification and proposal of plant solutions with high profitability.
We are always looking for the best solutions in terms of plumbing, both from the point of view technically, as well as in terms of efficiency and profitability.

We offer you consultancy and propose innovative and economical solutions to help you benefit from systems of advanced and energy-efficient plumbing.

In all this endeavor we rely on engineers and qualified workers, who know very well all the technical specifications and the rules in force in the field. Thus, the installations made for the project for which you request us offer the guarantee of the highest quality and standards.

Why choose our services?

● Achieving lower water and energy consumption.
● Reducing the risks of damage
● Warranty for the execution of interior and exterior installation works
● Property safety by eliminating the risks of pipe bursts and infiltrations
● Quality hand and sanitary materials
● Compliant and resistant works.

We hold all the necessary certifications for the realization of projects and the execution of sanitary installations for any type of construction, both residential and commercial or industrial.

If you want to know more about our projects, the way we work and the prices we charge for execution and installation of sanitary installations, we invite you to contact us!

instalatii sanitare de scurgere


Str. George Bacovia, No. 35A, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania.




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