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Execution of thermal installations.

Thermal installation refers to the process of installing the various components and equipment required for the operation of heating, cooling and hot water distribution systems in a building. These thermal installations can be used in homes, commercial buildings, public and industrial institutions.

It is recommended that the execution and commissioning of the installations be carried out by specialized personnel, such as engineers or authorized technicians, to ensure that all aspects of safety and performance are respected.

As the cold season comes with many hassles and worries for all consumers, be they domestic or industrial, finding a team seems to handle the best design, execution and installation recommendations thermal installations, is an extremely important mission.

Our company is the choice that saves you effort and a lot of research.

We take care of everything necessary to have an energy-efficient project, which involves resources and operating costs as low as possible.
We have experienced and trained staff who can present you in detail, all the advantages and disadvantages of any type of project.

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Our company's services include:

Project evaluation and solution consulting.
We carry out a detailed assessment of the existing situation and the possibilities of implementing the thermal system. We analyze the area, the type of energy used, the purpose of the work and other relevant factors to identify the most suitable project solution.

Project implementation.
Realization of the project and obtaining the authorization: Based on the initial assessment, we make the detailed design of the heating system. It serves as the basis for the execution of the work and obtaining the operating permit for the chosen thermal system.

Obtaining authorization.
We take care of all the necessary formalities for obtaining the authorization for the project and the works to be carried out. We ensure compliance with regulations and legal requirements.

Selection of technical equipment and accessories for installation.
Depending on the preferences and requirements of the beneficiary, we recommend and choose the most suitable products for implementing the thermal system. We make sure they are high quality and energy efficient.

Implementation of the project.
With attention to detail, we implement the thermal system project. We ensure that every component is fitted properly and that every detail is taken into account for a quality end result.

Commissioning the system.
In accordance with the regulations and legal requirements, we put the heating system into operation. If necessary, we work with distribution company representatives to ensure proper commissioning.

Periodic checks and revisions.

We offer periodic inspection and revision services of the thermal power plant to ensure efficient and safe operation. Our team of experts carry out regular checks and act to prevent any problems.

instatlatie termica

Warranty for the work performed:

We guarantee the work done, so you can enjoy your heating system without worry. We are responsible for the quality and performance of our work.
At the moment, there are many solutions of power plants and thermal installations to obtain the necessary heat and domestic hot water. We can design, execute and authorize all types of thermal installations, for gas plants, wood or pellet plants, electric plants, boilers, plants based on photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, etc.

If you have difficulties in choosing the type of heating plant to purchase for an apartment, a house, a commercial space, an office building or an industrial space, contact our team.

With the help of our experts and design team, you can analyze as many of the options available to you and choose the solution that best suits your needs, budget and desired energy efficiency.


Str. George Bacovia, No. 35A, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania.




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