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Low and medium voltage electrical installations for commercial and industrial projects.

SC MIVA ELCO S.R.L. offers you a variety of solutions in the field of execution of low and medium voltage electrical installations for commercial and industrial premises. With a history of over 20 years in this field and a team of qualified specialists, we ensure professional services, continuously improving the quality level of our projects.

Low and medium voltage electrical installations for commercial and industrial premises include a wide range of equipment and components that are required to provide the electrical power required in these environments. 

Electrical distribution in commercial and industrial spaces it is done by means of a complex system of cables and equipment, which allows the supply of electricity to various devices and equipment in these environments. It involves the distribution of electricity from the main supply point, usually a distribution transformer, to points of consumption in the building or industrial unit.

Main electrical panel it is the central point of electrical distribution and includes equipment such as fuses, circuit breakers and meters for measuring electricity consumption. This panel is connected to the external distribution network and receives electricity from the supplier.

Medium voltage transformers are electrical devices used to transform electrical voltage from one value to another in an electrical power distribution system. Medium voltage transformers are designed to work at voltages generally between 1 kV and 72.5 kV. The rated voltage is the specified value for which the transformer is designed.

They are mainly used to reduce electrical voltage from high levels such as transmission to lower levels which are suitable for supplying industrial, commercial and residential consumers.

lucrare instalatii electrice


Distribution boards are essential components of electrical systems, used to distribute and control electricity in a building or wider electrical network. They contain protection and control devices, as well as circuits and conductors that direct electrical current to various devices and machines.

Secondary switchboards: In large commercial and industrial premises, secondary switchboards are often used, which are connected to the main electrical panel. These switchboards are located in different areas of the building or industrial unit and distribute electricity to specific groups of appliances or equipment.

Lighting for commercial and industrial spaces it needs effective solutions adapted to the specific needs of these environments. The right choice of lighting system can influence both the atmosphere and the aesthetic aspect of the space, as well as energy efficiency and productivity. Here are some lighting options suitable for commercial and industrial spaces: 

- LED lighting: It consumes less energy than traditional lighting sources, such as incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs, and provides superior light quality. They are suitable for commercial premises such as shops, offices, restaurants and exhibition halls, but also for industrial premises such as warehouses and factories.

- Lighting with motion sensors: They detect the presence of people and activate the lighting only when necessary. This system helps save energy by reducing the operating time of lighting in unused areas.

- Directional and adjustable lighting: They allow the adjustment of the angle of illumination and the intensity of the light, allowing better control of the desired effect. Dimmable lighting can be useful in commercial spaces such as display cases or product shelves.

- Natural lighting:  Using natural light in commercial and industrial spaces can bring multiple benefits, including saving energy and creating a pleasant atmosphere. The use of large windows, skylights or other architectural elements that allow natural light to enter the space can be encouraged.

- Emergency lighting: It has the role of ensuring visibility and safety in emergency situations or in the event of a power outage.

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Sockets and cables: There are several factors to consider when choosing the right outlet and cables for commercial and industrial premises. These factors include power requirements, the types of devices to be powered, the environment of use, and local safety regulations.

Make sure the outlets and cables you choose are sized to handle the current and power loads required in your commercial or industrial space.

Check the specifications of the devices you intend to power to determine the current requirement.

Consider the environment in which the plugs and cables will be located. If they are exposed to moisture, dust, chemicals, or vibration, you will need to choose plugs and cords with adequate protection against these factors.


Choose plugs and cords from trusted manufacturers or suppliers known for the quality and durability of their products. The quality of cables and plugs is essential to prevent safety problems and ensure reliable long-term operation.

Protection and safety systems  for electrical installations in commercial and industrial premises are essential to prevent accidents and protect equipment and personnel.


Emergency closing systems consist of special, strategically placed buttons or switches that allow for quick and safe interruption of the electrical power supply in emergency or dangerous situations.

Detection systems for commercial and industrial installations can be equipped with fire detection systems, which consist of smoke, heat or flame sensors.

Protection systems against electric shocks consist of lightning rods, efficient grounding and additional protection for sensitive equipment.

Backup power supply:In certain critical commercial or industrial spaces, such as data centers or manufacturing facilities sensitive to power outages, backup generators or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can be installed to provide a power source in the event of a power outage. electricity from the supplier.


Regardless of the complexity of your project, our team is ready to assist you.

Call with confidence. MIVA ELCO is here for all your consulting and execution needs of medium and low voltage electrical installations for commercial and industrial projects.


Str. George Bacovia, No. 35A, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania.




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